About Us

Nerds Paradise is a small business that buy, trade and sell pop culture. Started by Sam Cripps, the business has grown from a simple market stall, to a virtual store as Sam has worked tirelessly to find the weird, the rare and the popular retro runs in comics as well as the retro, the new and the best in figurines, games and collectibles.

As customer service is our focus, Nerds Paradise wants to get to know you, your favourite pop culture items and what you need to further your collection so we can ensure we have the items you want. Specialising in licensed merchandise such as Star Wars, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Ghost Busters, Marvel and DC, Nerds Paradise has the most popular new items as well as specialising in retro comics by marvel, DC , Image and Boom.

Not everyone has time to get down to the local store so we wanted to make it as easy for you as possible. If there is anything you are hunting or need, check out our online store and purchase or message us on Facebook or by phone so we can help you find the item you need.